Terms and Conditions

  • For safety, customers and chefs must turn on their GPS mobile location service
  • Customers and chefs must only interact through the GO Chef website when there is an exchange of service and payment
  • GO Chef is not responsible for any damages incurred by any parties as a result of the use of GO Chef's service. Any damages must be settled between the parties involved (chefs and customers)
  • GO Chef simply offers a platform that allows for the exchange of culinary service and payment agreed on by both parties
  • All information provided by GO Chef will be used only for the purpose of facilitating the service. GO Chef will not see or solicit personal information without the prior consent of the parties involved
  • Chefs can expect to be paid for work rendered every 2 weeks. Therefore, the balance in week 1 will be paid out at the end of week 3
  • Chefs will be required to open a Paypal account in order to receive payment from GO Chef
  • GO Chef charges a 18% service fee on the total order balance
  • If a customer disputes any charges or submits a request for refund, GO Chef will assess the validity of the request. If GO Chef approves the dispute/refund, the amount to be refunded will be withheld and deducted from the chefs payment
  • Delivery fees are excluded from the meal prices. It depends on the distances.
  • What we refund:
    (For example)

    • Chef did not deliver what was promised

    Note: Refund is depending on the situations, however GO Chef will assess the situations to be fair both parties